COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Plan


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Documents / forms

General information and procedures


Entering Italy for the purpose of attending the Rally Italia Sardegna 2021

1. Every person entering Italy, by any means of transport will need to complete a self-declaration form prior to departure. It is understood that forms may be provided by the relevant carrier, most likely in their own format. However, the general format provided by the Italian foreign ministry is available to reference here:, and this format can also be used for Attendees travelling by ground transport.
Since May 24th the paper self-declaration has been replaced by an online procedure available here: . At the end of the online registration, you receive a pdf and a QR code to show at airport authority.

a) Masks must always be worn, indoor and outdoor. Social distancing of at least 1 meter must be respected in all occasions; 2 meters distance is recommended inside the rally venue.
b) Every person entering Italy will undergo a temperature check upon arrival.
c) Profile 1 Attendees and are due to hold a negative PCR pre-event test result not older than 96 hours at the time accessing the HDA accreditation. Older tests cannot be admitted. In view of the entry restrictions for persons coming from foreign countries, the 48-hours delay must also be taken into account (see point 2.). Profile 2 participants are only required to comply with national regulations.

2. Motorsport events organized in Italy benefit from a special exemption (see Prime Minister Decree dated 2 March 2021, artt. 18, 49, § 5, 51, § 7, Q); see also the Ministry of Health web link: authorizing to attend international events subject to the negative result certification of a molecular or antigenic test (whose result must be indicated in the declaration referred to in point 1 above) performed no earlier than 48 hours prior to arrival in Italy.

Who enters Italy must:

  • Fill the declaration mentioned at point 1;
  • Have a negative test result not older that 48h prior to arrival in Italy;
  • Notify his/her presence to the local health authority (message e; the Stakeholder representative can send one email for the whole group, specifying personal details of each attendee);
  • Respect the Covid-19 protocol established by FIA and ACI. The exemption is granted for motorsport events only.

Entering Sardinia
Before entering Sardinia, please register here:

In order to entry Sardinia, alternatively, you are required to have undergone vaccination against Covid-19 (both doses or a single dose, if applicable; in this case remember to keep the vaccine certificate with you; please note that the Chinese vaccine “Sinovac” is not recognized in Italy) or to carry out a molecular or antigenic swab no later than 48 hours before departure.

Please note that there are two 48h different terms (see point 1): one to enter Italy (national regulation; 48h test prior to arrival in Italy) and another one to enter Sardinia (regional regulation; 48h test prior to departure for Sardinia). Hence, be careful if there’s a significant time lapse between arrival in Italy and departure for Sardinia.

The following regulatory sources apply to the participation in the Rally:


Parties committed to comply with the Covid-19 Protocols (the Stakeholders):
See Article 3 of Appendix S

Venue areas of application:
Appendix S and the ACI Sport DSA Protocols establish the division of the event Site into High Density Area (HDA) and Low Density Area (LDA) respectively highlighted in red and yellow in the plans of the RIS21 venues; attached layouts:

  • RIS 2021 – General Plan & Headquarter;

Procedures before the arrival in Olbia
Forms are available above

Forms to be filled and sent by email within May 25th 2021 according to the following instructions:

1. Covid self-declaration (link above)
Each individual (drivers, mechanics, team members, service personnel, etc.) must fill the SELF-DECLARATION FOR COVID-19 RISK (the form is sent to your email; after having received it, please forward it to your Stakeholder representative and he/she will send all the self-declarations to in one email)

2. FIA Covered Event Attendee List doc. 1
Each Stakeholder must fill the FIA Attendee list and send it to and

3. WRC Stakeholder commitment Form doc. 2
A. If you have already taken part to a FIA rally and you have already signed the WRC Stakeholder commitment Form, skip this point;
B. If RIS 2021 is your first FIA rally, the team manager / representative must download the Stakeholder commitment, print, sign, scan and send it to and

4. Attendee Commitment to app. S doc. 3
A. If you have already taken part to a FIA rally, the team manager / representative has to send to and only the forms relating to new team members that have not signed the Attendee commitment yet;
B. If RIS 2021 is your first FIA rally, each team member must download the form, print, sign and scan it. The team manager / representative will gather all the forms and send them by email to and

We remind you that minors are not allowed in the competition areas with the exclusion of those involved in the event.


Process and Information once in Olbia

Attendees who begin to suffer from any COVID-19 Symptoms while outside the Venue must report to their Stakeholder and to the local medical facility. In case of a positive result, the local medical facility may address to quarantine.

Medical facility at Olbia:

  • Mater Olbia Hospital – Strada Statale 125 Orientale Sarda, 07026 Olbia SS (
  • Ospedale Giovanni Paolo II – Via Bazzoni – Sircana, 07026 Località Tannaule, Olbia SS

Where to perform a PCR test in Olbia

PCR tests with molecular swab are available at Olbia Airport. For booking visit this page:
Remember to select the 24h or 6h PCR molecular test. Please note that the cost of the exam is at your expense (this also applies to the organizer’s suppliers).

An Attendee who begins to suffer from any COVID-19 Symptoms while at the Venue or during the event, or is identified as having had any Close Contact with a person who is or may be an infected person, must report immediately to quarantine and follow the instructions of the CMO/DCMO.
We remind that it is always mandatory to respect the social distancing of at least one meter in all occasions, to wear a protective mask and wash your hands frequently using the sanitizing liquids available at the triage/isolation areas and at the entrance of the HQ areas.


If a subject is found positive after a PCR test, he must self-isolate. Isolation is defined as living in a private room with individual bathroom.

  • subject without symptoms: after 10 days of isolation the PCR is repeated;
  • subject with symptoms: after 3 days without symptoms, the PCR is repeated;
  • subject with long term symptons: after 21 days, he can interrupt isolation, but only if without symptoms for more than a week.

The local health authority monitors the subjects involved and can apply specific procedures case by case.

Process before the start of the Rally

Only the Stakeholder Responsible will be admitted to the Accreditation Centre, to collect the relevant accreditations and supplies for attending the RIS21.

Attendees who are negative to Covid-19 will be allowed to participate in the Rally and will be allowed to access the areas of the event according to their profile (1 – 2). The entry accreditation wristband must be worn until the end of the event in order to avoid forbidden entrances.
The wristband can be replaced upon return of the damaged one.

The Accreditation Centre is located in Olbia – Centro Commerciale Gallura – località Pozzo Sacro
Opening times:
Sunday May 30th: 9:00 -19:00
Monday May 31st: 8:00 – 20:00
Tuesday June 1st: 8:00 – 20:00
Wednesday June 2nd: 8:00 – 20:00
Thursday June 3rd: 7:00 – 20:00
Friday June 4th: 7:00 – 14:00

Process during the Rally:

Access to the different areas will be controlled by means of different color wristbands (red for High Density Area and yellow for Low Density Area).

At the entrance of each site a triage area is installed, where body temperature will be checked and an isolation/waiting area is available if the temperature is higher than 37.5° C.
Should the second check confirm that temperature is higher than 37.5° C., the attendee will remain isolated and follow the instructions of the CMO.

At the entrance of the HDA, Clinical Waste bins are available to throw away the used PPE items; signage will remind the main COVID-19 rules and controls are planned to monitor the correct use of the PPEs inside the venue.

Please note that any updates to this document will be published on the event’s website

For information and communications:

Thank you for reading!